Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Later than midnight arrival in San Salvador?

So I've been just checking to see what the best prices to El Salvador from DFW look like in general, and not just on the dates we think we want to travel. The best deal out there appears to be on Spirit, where round-trip tickets can be had for $384. I've flown Spirit to Guatemala before, with no trouble, other than the necessity to fly through Fort Lauderdale. The trouble I have with this flight is that apparently Spirit flies into El Salvador only for midnight arrivals. That means arriving at a strange airport, going through Customs, and then walking out to attempt to find transportation to some hotel in a city we don't know well, in the wee hours of the morning, and possibly with a 3-year-old. Safe? What do you think? I'm not convinced that this is the best option, but it's one I'm willing to consider!

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  1. If you book your hotel in advance you should be able to arrange for a shuttle to meet you at the airport. The few times I have been to the airport I have seen Hilton buses there. Good Luck