Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The garden is growing!

As I mentioned yesterday, P-daddy and I have been experimenting with recipes for convenience foods that we can make wherever in the world we are, even El Salvador. One thing we've made real efforts at is gardening. I find this pretty funny, as will many all of my former roommates, as I have quite the black thumb. Luckily, P-daddy's thumb is much greener, and we're actually having some luck! Here's our Meyer lemon tree:

Behind it you can see some lemon grass, an avocado shoot, and a few other items. We are also trying out some peppers, having good luck with mint and basil, and see some shoots of ginger and green onions, but right now our triumph is with melons. P-daddy just took all the seeds out of a cantaloupe, dumped them in a shallow hole, covered and watered. This is what we got:

I've been anxiously waiting ever since the blooms started, and this past week, I saw this:

I know, it's pretty tiny, but that was taken on July 25th, and it looked like this by July 31st:

I don't even really like cantaloupe and I'm so excited about this that I can hardly wait to try one! Hopefully by the time we are ready to leave we'll have identified some easy-to-grow items that we'll be able to cultivate no matter where we end up!

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