Monday, August 1, 2011

Where's the best place to live in El Salvador?

Despite having visited different parts of El Salvador, there's not a specific place that stands out as the one place I'd really love to live. I think this is partially because I didn't visit with the idea in mind of living there, and the best places to vacation aren't necessarily the best places to live!

This part of the decision-making process will take a while, and will likely require time spent in each place after we've done the initial research. We have to think about things like safety, comfort, affordability, education, and opportunity for business. So we've been checking out some different places. So far, we all have different ideas.

For me, my current top choice, based solely on what I've read, since I've never been there, is Suchitoto. It sounds like Antigua, Guatemala, without all the tourists, and I think it's somewhere that will attract tourists in the long run. My biggest concern is a place that I *want* to live, not a place that I have to settle for, and Suchitoto might fit the bill.

For P-daddy, the concern is more business-oriented, so he wants somewhere relatively close to the airport, with already established tourist appeal. He's thinking somewhere along the Costa del Sol.

Even Pooh has an opinion! We've been playing the "where do we want to live?" game. His choice...

Santa Tecla?! Well, we'll consider it!

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  1. I wanted to live in Suchitoto, too! Our stay was not going to be permanent so we opted elsewhere to be able to find jobs here. Starting a business in El Salvador will give you more freedom on location.