Monday, August 22, 2011

De-cluttering, and not by choice

I've talked before about our fostering puppies, and for the most part, we really enjoy it! Today, though, we realized a new advantage (to P-Daddy), and disadvantage (to me).

Today was the first real day back at school, as we had new student orientation. I'm not a dressy dresser, preferring comfort over high fashion, but I did pull out something other than my Crocs or Tevas to wear this morning. After a long day at school, I came home and relaxed by checking email and doing various things on the computer. Then P-Daddy brought me this:

One fewer pair of shoes, thanks to the contribution of foster puppy Elvis.

I love shoes. In my mind, I don't have a lot of them, probably 30-40 pairs. P-Daddy, for some reason, thinks this is a lot. His 5 pairs are plenty, he says. I may disagree on the number, but I realize when I look at my shoe closet (yes, I did say shoe CLOSET) that I'm definitely going to have to get rid of quite a few pairs of my beloved footwear before we can consider packing up and making a run for the border. And it's not just shoes. I have a LOT of STUFF. And I need to sort, donate, recycle, and repurpose things rather than just storing them indefinitely. Whittling down our possessions will make P-Daddy (and me too, I admit) very very happy. Today, I suppose, was the start, like it or not.

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