Thursday, August 25, 2011


Lately, what's on my mind a lot is Pooh. On September 4, he'll be 3 years old. Though we've only had him for not quite 15 months, that is longer than he's lived with anyone else, and it's pretty clear that P-daddy and I are, in his mind, his true parents. While the idea of adoption never phased us, we were not really sure how the rest of our families would react. But everyone has opened their arms and hearts to him, and he has found a true home and family, not just with us, but with all the rest of our clan as well. Pooh and his Papaw have been forming a special bond (I think it was the tractor that started this, but that's another story).

This pic just makes my heart go warm and fuzzy. Pooh is a great mimic, and I love that he is, in essence, following in my dad's footsteps. Since my dad is one of my most favorite men on the planet, and I think he's incredible, I think it's the perfect place for Pooh to be.

This pic was taken not too long ago, when we headed out for a weekend at my parents' place. Dad walks the perimeter of his property every morning, and since there are snakes and spiders and other wild things, he takes a walking stick, and often wears boots. Pooh, not to be outdone, has to do exactly the same (we took his Elmo boots with us just for this purpose). We try to get out to visit as much as possible now, since when we leave the country, visits will not be nearly as frequent. But we know that the memories of times like these will be cherished by all of us, no matter where in the world we are.

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