Monday, July 2, 2012

Fourth of July Memories

Last year for July 4th, my parents invited us out to their place, and to a big fireworks display that some friends of theirs put on. We got there right before it started, tossed our chairs on the lawn, and sat back to enjoy a great show.

We all really enjoyed it, including Pooh, who loved seeing all the colors, sparkles, and variety. What he did not love was the noise. The show went on and on, which was great, but the poor kiddo was not at all happy with the loud noises. So he spent the whole show like this:

P-Daddy was very sweet and patient throughout the whole thing. I have such a great husband! And a great kiddo! Just a great family overall!

This year we are headed out to my parents' again, but we are not likely to head over to the fireworks show again due to my dad's immobility. Perhaps we'll have to create a little show of our own...

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