Sunday, July 1, 2012

"I'm gonna try" July

I'm a big planner. I love setting goals, making lists (and marking off things as I finish them), creating step-by-step plans, and getting organized in my thinking. I find that when I don't set goals, I tend to not accomplish things at all. So I'm working on setting realistic goals - I might not quite reach them, but I'll get further than I am now!

Crystal over at Money Saving Mom sets 10 weekly goals, broken down into the 4 categories of family/mothering, personal, home management, and business. I'm not quite ready to jump into that many weekly goals, but I think I can handle 10 monthly goals!

So without further ado, here are the 10 goals I am setting for "I'm gonna try" July:
1. Tell P-Daddy I love him on a daily basis
2. Complete at least 2 preschool packs with Pooh
3. Plan and implement at least 2 family outings

4. Eat clean with no more than 20% of calories as treats
5. Find an exercise routine that works for me and my schedule

Home Management:
6. Eat down the freezer by joining the pantry challenge at Good (Cheap) Eats
7. Organize the junk room
8. Keep the family room uncluttered

9. Prepare grant application
10. Submit 3 manuscripts for publication

I'll try to check in now and again on how they are going!

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