Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Focusing for Health and Fitness

It's been a hectic month. Okay, a hectic past year. A hectic past couple of years, actually:-( In many areas, things are great, but one thing that I've done is really let my health and fitness slide more than I want to. This year, I really want that to change. In order to aid that, there are several things that I'm doing:

1) Making small steps toward better exercise habits
2) Revamping my eating to match the life I live now
3) Finding ways to save money on better products for my health

In terms of exercise, I know that I can't create a huge massive plan that sets me up for failure. So I'm working on a day-to-day basis, doing what I can, and keeping my mind on the bigger picture of keeping moving.

In terms of eating, I've long followed a low-fat diet, with an emphasis on healthy carbs and natural foods. I like this practice a lot, but I've noticed that (a) my husband just doesn't eat this way. He's not a big carb fan, so there has been a major part of the food that I fixed that he has largely ignored. I'd like us to find ways to eat that work well together, so we've been exploring different options with fewer carbs and higher fat. NOT, mind you, trying Atkins or other typical low-carb approaches, but instead focusing more on the Glycemic Index and how different foods are affecting our bodies.

Finally, as always, I'm looking for ways to save money, but specifically trying to find reasonable ways to save money on products that improve our overall health.

I'll be exploring these themes more intensely and in different ways as we head into 2013. Feel free to join me for the journey!

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