Thursday, January 24, 2013

Life is Sweet!

As I mentioned on Monday, I'm really trying to focus more this year on my health, and I'm making several changes as a result. One of these is related to my use of artificial sweeteners. I've been a fan of Splenda for years, and it's still my favorite sweetener when I'm out and about. I generally always have a few of those little yellow packets on my counter and in my bag, and when I travel internationally, it's a must-have in my suitcase.

So you see, I love Splenda, but P-Daddy is not as thrilled with it. He prefers that I not use it for sweet desserts or other items that we'll both eat. And even though I love it for myself, neither of us are convinced that we should be giving it to Pooh regularly. He's a growing boy, and he loves desserts, and we don't want to always have a separate dessert for me and the boys.

Over the years, I've tried Stevia a number of times. I like that it's a plant extract and not a chemical concoction, but it has a bit of an aftertaste. I actually really liked the bit of licorice aftertaste for my coffee, but I wasn't as thrilled with it in herbal teas and other desserts. But recently, I was told about this NuNaturals NuStevia extract, and I'm loving it! It's super concentrated, so a little difficult to figure out amounts in single servings, but working great for cooking larger batches of all kinds of desserts (with just a tiny bit of stevia). I don't find the aftertaste to be as strong as other types of stevia, and overall, this one is totally working for me.

I'll note that this Stevia doesn't come too cheaply - that 1 pound jar is listed at $60. However, it's also way more Stevia than I think I could possibly use in a year! I am splitting the jar with my sisters and niece, transferring smaller portions into much smaller spice jars for daily use. Plus, I got a really great deal on that jar!

As I stated, that jar is listed at $60 on iherb. Plus, iherb offers 5% off for orders $60 and over, and I had a discount code that gave me free shipping plus $10 off of any order $50 or over. So I got that $60 jar delivered to my doorstep for only $47 total. Woot! And now, having told you about that great deal, I'm gonna let you get as close to it as you can, by giving you a similar discount code! Here it is: QMN811.

Note that I cannot guarantee that all of the pieces of that discount will still be in place at the time of your order, but this code will definitely give first-time customers $5 or $10 off their order (any order from iherb, not just the stevia!). Also note that this is a referral code, which means that I get a kickback too - so we both get a great deal if you use it :-)

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