Monday, May 20, 2013

Planning for Summer Success

It's been so so long since I blogged much of anything. Suffice it to say that this past year has been one wild and crazy ride! I'm so glad that summer is finally here, we've made it through my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, and I can actually breathe again! I've spent a lot of time thinking about food and recipes and what to eat and what NOT to eat, and what I realize is that if I want myself and my family to eat healthy, I simply have to plan more.

Now, I'm not a big fan of daily menus; P-Daddy won't follow them, and I'm not much good at being consistent with following them either. That doesn't mean I can't plan, it just means I need to do things a little differently. What works for me is to simply know what I have on hand for different meals, so that I'm not left thinking there's nothing to eat in my totally stuffed pantry and freezer! Since I love freezer cooking, I have lots of stuff in there that I've frozen at various points in this past semester. Right now, I'm challenging myself to eat from my pantry and clean out some of the stock that I have. This is just a SMALL sampling of what's in there. Many of them are labeled. Some are surprises :-)

Here's what I am thinking for this week:

oatmeal (X3)
eggs, bacon or ham, flatbread (X2)
THM pancakes
Whole wheat sourdough bread with SF jelly

Lean turkey, lettuce, and tomato on a flatbread (X2)
Cheeseburger pie and green beans
Tilapia tacos, carrots
Frittata (X2)
Bean burritos w/ peppers and onions,

Sauteed salmon, broccoli, carrots
Tilapia fillets, spinach, focaccia
Cheeseburger pie, green beans
Taco salad w/ cheese, sour cream, and a few refried beans
Turkey hot dogs, carrots, popcorn (movie and popcorn night with Pooh)
Fooled Ya Pizza with cauliflower crust

Skinny chocolate
Greek yogurt with berries
Cottage Berry Whip
Ricotta Creme
Strawberries with whipped cream

I'm checking out all the other great menu plans this week at and linking up over there. Come on over and take a look with me!

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