Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday

Well, since summer's here, it's time to think about what I want to get done! Of course I have some research/school goals, but I want to talk about personal and family goals here. I'd really, in general, like to focus on strengthening our family relationships, making our home more liveable, and making sure that I don't get lost in this whole crazy world of marriage and family. To that end, here are my Top 10 wishes for a great summer:

10. Clean out the garage and junk room.
Here's what I'm starting with.
This could take the whole summer if I let it!

9. Organize and clean out Pooh's toys.
Then maybe we'll have room to put the Wall Tracks back in his room.

8. Begin - and maintain - a regular workout routine.
I used to be much more fit before marriage and family.
Look at the definition in those arms! I want that back!

7. Eat more chocolate.
Skinny chocolate, that is!
I've recently been following the Trim Healthy Mama plan, and loving it.
More on that later.

6. Find a class to take, just for me.
Sewing? Computer programming? I'm not sure what yet.
But just because I've graduated doesn't mean I can't still learn something new!

5. Plan one full family activity every week.
Here's a recent outing to check out the bluebonnets.
I love getting us out of the house and doing something different

4. Spend more time with extended family.
After almost losing Dad this year, we want to really appreciate our time left with him!

3. Have regular swim dates with Pooh.
He loves the water, at least after he gets a bit used to it,
and this can be our special time together too.

2. Have a weekly date with P-Daddy.
Maybe we'll find more beautiful food presentations like this one at a local sushi restaurant.
Even if not, we'll build our relationship together.

1. Tell P-Daddy and Pooh every single day that I love them.

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