Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Necessities for travel

P-Daddy and I have been packing and planning all week - just 2 more days til we leave!! My process is generally to open my suitcase in a corner and toss stuff in it that should go. Then I sit down and actually pack (and sometimes re-pack) once I have a good collection going. I did the original packing this past weekend. Now the rest of the gifts have arrived, plus I've got a new collection of things to go sitting on top of my suitcase, so it's about time for a re-pack.

I've got the clothing, toiletries, and things we all think about and that I've always taken on trips. But there's one major difference in my packing list from what it was 10 years ago. Back then, for a 10-day trip, I took 4-5 books with me, discarding them along the way (and sometimes picking up more). I'd also take a puzzle book or two, a cd player, cd's, and a camera. Nowadays, all those things are compiled into a single tiny device.

Yep, even though I don't plan to use my iPhone as a phone (I don't use it as a phone in the US either), it's at the top of my necessities list for a variety of reasons. First, it has tons of books of all kinds on it, from cheesy romance to self-help, and from bestsellers to classics. I could read for months and still not go through all the books on there.

Second, it's got my music. We'll be on a plane or bus, or in an airport or bus terminal, for well over 12 hours on Friday. Sometimes, I need to just block out all the noise and relax with some comforting strains. Or, I might want to get up and dance. Whichever it is, my iPhone makes that possible.

Third, it's got other entertainment. I've got lots of apps to play if I'm sitting around with nothing else to do. Some are even games P-Daddy and I can play together. Plus it's got pictures of my kiddo for me to look at :-)

Fourth, speaking of Pooh, my iPhone also keeps me in touch with him. I can connect anywhere there's a wifi signal, text his caregivers to see how he's doing, and even call him on google or skype. We'll use my laptop for video chatting, but for a quick check-in while we stroll down the streets of Pana, the iPhone is perfect!

I don't consider myself to be very tech-y, but for me, my iPhone is my greatest travel necessity.

Note: Apple didn't ask me to write this, I just love my iPhone. But that's my Amazon Associate link up there, and I might get a kick-back if you were to click through and purchase.

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