Saturday, August 18, 2012

International Education

I've been thinking a lot about education this week. Pooh starts PreK this coming week, and my own classes start on Thursday. As we think about making a run for the border one day, what we'll do about school is an important factor.

In Pana, there are, from what I can tell, two international schools, the Life School, which is Pre-K to 9, and PCI (Panajachel Colegio Internacional), for grades 7-12.

There are also a ton of "private" local schools, but we want to make sure that Pooh is able to return to the US for college, or in case we were to return for unforeseen reasons before then. So education in English is going to be important. If he goes to a local school, we'll probably also need to homeschool him at night to keep up with what would be expected in US curriculum. While that would be possible (actually homeschool overall would be a decent option), Pooh is a very social being and really needs regular interaction with other kids his age. So we've been looking at the two international schools.

Besides, with my experience and education, either one of these *might* be a good choice for me to work, so I'm keeping my eye on my own options as well!

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