Friday, August 17, 2012

Sunset at The Sunset

I'm participating in Spanish Friday today, so this post is in Spanish, with English translation following. For more Spanish, head on over to over at Latinaish and join in the fun!

Alla en Panajachel, al final de la calle Santander, es un cafe bien popular con los gringos. Por el dia, no es muy obvio por que es tan popular. La comida no es muy buena. Los meseros no son muy atentos. A veces la cerveza no esta bien fria. Pero pocos minutos antes del atardecer, ese lugar se llena rapidamente, y los que lleguen tarde no encuentren ni un lugar para sentarse. Por que? Por eso:

Este cafe se queda en un lugar enfrente de la playa, sin otros edificios que bloquean la vista. Y la vista del atardecer por el lago es increible. Por eso tiene el nombre "Sunset Cafe". Es hermoso, es vivo, y es el lugar perfecto para conocer 'expats' y turistas si quieren. Espero verles alla un dia cuando visiten a Pana!

Down at the end of Santander in Pana is one of the most popular gringo bars in town. At first glance, it might not be obvious why. The food's not great. The wait staff is not attentive. Sometimes the beer is not even cold. But as afternoon moves into evening, the place fills up rapidly, and late arrivals may find that it's standing room only. What's the attraction, you say? It's this:

See, the Sunset Cafe sits right on the beach, and has a great view of sunset (hence the name Sunset Cafe) on the lake. It's gorgeous, it's happening, and (if that's what you are looking for) it's a great place to meet tourists and expats. I hope to see you there one day when you make it to Pana!

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