Sunday, May 20, 2012

Today I'm thankful for...a creative kiddo

"We make an X, Mommy!" Pooh shouts excitedly as he flings himself down on the ottoman at my parents' house. His cousin happily plops down on top of him, and sure enough, they make an X. I was impressed with my kid's letter recognition, and loving his creativity.

My favorite example of him at his best creative play happened on Adoption Day. A letter tray became his Dinosaur Train car, and he happily wore it on his head throughout the proceedings. He loved that letter tray so much that it appears in almost every adoption picture that we have.

P-Daddy and I - and everyone else in the courtroom - were greatly amused to hear him singing and talking non-stop while the lawyers and judges and witnesses had their say. If you are not familiar with the Dinosaur Train series, you can see the similarity here between the letter tray and the train cars - just think creatively!

I know, you are wondering what this has to do with becoming an expat, but it really does! First, that's my kid, and this is my blog, so it's inherently relevant to me. But second, and more importantly for everyone else, Pooh reminds me of the kids I would see so often in the markets in Guatemala, happily "driving" a box, pretending to honk the horn and careen wildly through the streets. And I'm reminded of one of the main reasons why we think living somewhere other than the US will be a good thing: simplifying life, and possessions, and learning to be more minimalistic and less materialistic in order to give more of ourselves to each other and those around us.

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